Terms & Conditions

This Agreement 

This agreement is made between Edinburgh Student Storage (a brand of Calcam Group Ltd) registered in Scotland under SC618329, and you, the person who wishes to use the service and who enters in to agreement by accepting these terms and conditions. 


Terms of Service

1. In order for Edinburgh Student Storage to provide the service, there must be an agreement of the terms and conditions. 


2. Edinburgh Student Storage may refuse service where Edinburgh Student Storage considers that it may be in breach of these terms and conditions or any unlawful or improper purpose or for any other reason. 


3. Edinburgh Student Storage may change the terms and conditions at any point. Edinburgh Student Storage will notify you of any changes by posting them on the website or through other means of communication. Any changes made will come in to force that day, and relevant customers will be notified on the same day. 


Storage Time Period

The period of time of which belongings are stored until the end of the week AFTER Freshers week. If you wish to keep your items in storage for longer than this period, you will be billed the extra amount it costs to store and deliver. 


Packing Your Boxes

All packed boxes must weigh under 20kg. If a box exceeds this limit, Edinburgh Student Storage reserves the right to charge an extra of £5 at their discretion. 


You are responsible for packaging your items in a responsible manner. If you have packed delicate items, it must be ensured that they are unable to move around and therefore less likely to break. 



We accept payment either online or in person. Payment online can be made by credit or debit card or PayPal. If you choose this option, and have not used all the boxes your ordered, will will be refunded for the ones you did not use. 


If you wish to pay in person, payment can be made by cash or card. Please note that, if paying by card, there is a 5% fee on our card reader. 


Privacy Policy

By signing our terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to our privacy policy